Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Has (almost) Sprung

Okay, its April, and a week into April, and temps have soared into... the 20's. Granted, last weekend it hit 44 by my thermometer and it rained on Friday, and I thought regretfully that skiing was over and that all I have to look forward to for the next 7 weeks would be mud and sleep-deprived children. Then, we got about four inches of fresh powdery snow that wasn't blown around til it was packed hard as cement. Annette and I went out yesterday morning and had a nice cruise around the "practice course". It was nice to slide through snow instead of skittering across it like a grocery bag in the wind. Of course, the wind did blow yesterday and by the time Dirk and I went out in the evening, a lot of that soft powder had been exiled to small pockets surrounded by the glaze ice that comes after Friday's rain and Saturday's freeze. Again, I was a skittering plastic bag as soon as I got out of the powder. I fell down a lot and telemark turns remain elusive to my slow-witted body, at least until next October?

Skiing was good this year. My shoulder was cooperative and I had a lot of fun. Now comes the summer and hopefully it will continue to wear evenly at least... in a kayak? I'm not looking forward to a new surgery, that's for sure.

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