Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring is Still Trying (but not too hard)

Half way through April and we are seeing a letup in the continued piling in of snow. To say it's melting is still a stretch. Even if it warmed into the 40's for a while, we have a lot of snow this year! Our picture window, about 8 feet above the ground, is still obscured by snow coming about a third of the way up it.

I went out skiing with some kids from the fourth and fifth grades yesterday and Friday but the wind and snow were less than ideal, though the actual snow conditions were very good. We got about 3/4 miles from town and the security of seeing where we had come from was too much for most of them and we decided as a group to return to the house (our house), make popcorn and hot cocoa with marshmallows. 'Enough to make any ski trip a good ski trip! Yesterday, it warmed up but I think we still got about 4 inches of new snow over the course of the day. it was quite bearable but the snow coming down kinda stung so I think it was mixed with sleet. Again cocoa and popcorn saved the day.

I will miss all this snow and these hills when Spring actually does show up. By then I will be getting ready to for our annual sojourn to the sunny south, home of fire ants, ticks and 100-degree temperatures. Luckily we'll only be there for a couple of weeks and then back to Kenai for the summer. (funny, I think I hear kayaks calling!)

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