Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring...still Springing

It is now late April and the snow is ugly, slushy, hard to walk in and definitely melting. But... it's still here and probably will be for some time. It's warmed up in Anchorage; flowers are even budding and the snow isall gone. Not here, we still are walking over snowdrifts looking down at roofs. It's only a matter of a short time before "things" start melting out of the snow like machinery, tools, small buildings, puppies, nothing more alarming I should hope.

We never get to be here for the true colors of the spring. It comes so late and we are usually long gone by the time things warm up and green things get green. By the time we return in August, the grass is high with swollen seed heads after the intense burst that is an Alaskan summer. It's still green, almost iridescent green but it is the mature green of living things in their prime.

Spring is also a time of winding down. The kids are all solar powered so they are staying up as long as the sun does then long after. They arrive at school soooooooooo.... not ready to do anything school-like. In a month, the bay will be clear of most ice and there might even be fishing boats out for herring, though prices for herring have been so low no one really bothers except for subsistence. After that starts, everyone stays very busy through the summer. I'd love to stay some time but then I'd just be standing around, watching people work. I think I'll go play in Kenai instead.

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