Monday, October 13, 2008

New Beach!

Just sit right back...
This all there is to it...more than enough, really.

Camai from Mekoryuk Alaska. We have relocated across the water from our old haunts in Toksook Bay. Toksook was getting too big, too impersonal, too fast so, we have found the idyllic village of Mekoryuk. We have our issues but the school is generally a very comfortable place for most students and staff, it seems. There are 37 students currently enrolled here now, grades k-12. We have about 17 high school students, all of whom are in my various classes at some point during the day. 

The Beaches of Nunivak Island: Move 'em 2000 miles south, you 'd have Hawaii

This is a beautiful place. The beaches are sandy and even the roads are more sandy than muddy. Walking shoes are the uniform of the day, unless you plan to get off the main travelways. The main travel ways go to the airport aaaaaand...that's about it. If you get out on trails you can go quite a ways out but they pretty rudimentary trails and it's slow going until things freeze up and snow machines are mobile again. 

Mekoryuk is the only full-time settlement on Nunivak Island, an Island 45 miles wide by 75 miles wide. There something close to 200 people living here but many people living away still call it home. 

We've been here since mid August and it has been a good experience so far. Foster, the dog gets to stay in the house most of the time and then he gets to go running with me when I take an occasional bike ride or 4-wheeler trip to go out to the airport, berry picking, or fishing. He loves it and he is well liked here by many of our students. 

We miss Toksook and our friends (not the mud) but we're here and here we'll stay for at least a while. 

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