Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Ready

Planning a 5-day kayak trip into Harriman Fjord on Prince William Sound is forcing me to focus on a lot of details. The boats are in good shape and our gear is in order. I got a new-old stove and checked it out to make sure it works. It is probably about 30 years old but it still works. Even still, there is clearly a reason why they don't make 'em like that anymore. It should serve to boil water though, so I'm bringing it as a backup. A mouse found several packages of of our freeze-dried meals which I had been stockpiling in anticipation of this (or one like it). A mouse-nose sized hole in the bottoms of the packages betrayed this incursion. We cursed him and then I poured the contents into ziplocks with a plan to go ahead and use them, mouse spit not withstanding. We've decided to use a double kayak to accomodate my bum shoulder, which will probably need icing every evening (good think there are lots of glaciers around) and Annette's relative inexperience on big water. David and Sally will get to use our boats and we'll be using the big old tubs that the rental place provides us; stable but not high-performance.

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