Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yet another highly irregular posting from sunny Kenai (it really IS sunny). We arrived yesterday after a long but uneventful trip up from Austin, spending the night at Virginia's in ANC to avoid the drive down when we could likely encounter a J-walking moose along the Sterling Hiway.

With obligations like getting the dog and cat, as well as dentist appointment for Annette on Monday, I drove or rode a total of about 480 miles yesterday, as I had to also go back to ANC to get our bikes, which Annie schlepped from Mekoryuk for us, as they did not make it out with us initially when we left the village, another interesting story (and one, of course is that I have left out since my blogging discipline is limited AND my audience is non-existent at present). This might change if anyone else wants to look, but they have to know the blog exists first. I'm working on that.

I had a very cool encounter with a young brown bear yesterday on the drive to Anchorage on Monday. He was right beside the road, in the ditch , eating grass and completely oblivious to me or anyone else who passed him to gawk. I stopped, clicked a bunch of pictures before realizing I had no card in the camera, then drove forward 50 feet, put in the card, then backed up and clicked off a few more shots, the bear still totally unaffected by my presence. He wsn't posing so the shots were profile and back views but still very natural. He was not terribly large so I think he was a 2-year old, newly on his own and clearly very hungry.

The summer is before us so I'm not thinking too much about the new school year, which will find us in a new village and als, far from the big water I truly love so much. More on that later, as it starts to concern me more. right now, I'm getting ready to wear out my shoulder doing things I want to do, before I don't have the use of it for a while. PWS, here we come!

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Tom said...

Teaching is about the people and I'm sure you'll find the people in your new village are as interesting and varied as the kids from the other villages you have thus far visited - I think what you and Annette do is awesome and a great contribution to the welfare of Alaska as a whole.

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