Thursday, January 6, 2011

Return for the Winter

We're back in Alaska, getting our feet...cold again in Kenai, checking on the house, and its occupants. Foster stayed with them while we spent a couple weeks down in Austin, soaking up warmth, light, and good food with friends and family. Of course, there wasn't enough time to do what we said we wanted to do, and days spent making cars work again took time away from time we wanted to spend visiting and even being productive, getting our house ready to sell.

Our flight back from Austin was long and drawn out, about as much as was possible. Austin-San Jose-portland (two-hour layover) then on to Seattle (three-hour layover) then finally on to Anchorage. There we got a rental car and drove through some really nasty wet snow over the pass to get to Kenai. Always exciting but this time nothing out of the ordinary and we got home without incident. The house is fine. It would be really nice if we could spend more than a couple months in the summer here. I'm still working on that. The ne Hare-Brained Adventure Tours Teeshirt design is almost finished. watch this space for future progress.

The spring semester starts when the kids come back on Thursday. It should be better than the fall, at least for a few weeks, I'll be optimistic for now. We'll see what Basketball Season does for them.
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