Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting Home

We went into Anchorage for NEA-AK Delegate Assembly this past weekend( end of January, I'm a little slow finishing up these drafts). The "show" started on Thursday evening but we wanted to take advantage of Costco, so we flew in to Bethel on Wednesday evening. We stayed with our friends, Greg and Kelly, which meant we also made dinner. Actually, when we got there, They were out so we walked over to the house of another friend from Toksook who now live in the Neighborhood. They were home but he was just about to leave to help a friend move, whose apartment had been damaged by smoke in the adjacent unit. I offered my services so for a couple hours that evening I filled boxes and schlepped boxes out of the house of someone I had never met before but needed help. Yes, it felt very good to be able to do such a good deed and I went to bed very sore and very satisfied with myself.  The trip is one I've taken for several years now and it feels more and more like I'm a regular. Alaska is a big small town and we see old friends or connect with total strangers who know someone who knows someone...

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