Monday, April 8, 2013

April on the Tundra

I have not contributed to this blog in a while, and realize that if I want any continuity in this chronicle I need to type something. The school year has been long. I will not blame it on any one element but I have one in mind. more later...

April came in with warm sunny days, kids were dressed in short sleeves to celebrate the 50-degree temperatures and promises of early break-up and snow melting...followed by a stretch of very cold (sub-zero) temps that vow to hang on for another week at least. Even still, the sun is up early and still up at 10:30 pm so we are all solar powered and sleep cycles are not dictated by clocks but rather circadian rhythms peculiar to the subarctic latitudes.

After a week of standardized testing this week students are done for the year. Planning is getting creative so that we can keep them entertained enough to keep them coming to school rather than going fishing and hunting, or just sleeping in after staying up all night, since the sky is still light at midnight. Solar power doesn't work so well in classrooms with few windows.

Traveling with students this week to Healy, flying, then driving for about five hours. Photos to follow.

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